Who knows where Bartels Hall is?
I missed my fly fishing PE today because I mistook Teagle for Bartels. Yes I am a senior. No I obviously don’t attend sports activities of any kind nor do I know what the geography of the south east of campus looks like. That’s for jocks. They probably couldn’t find Malott if they tried.
Will have to go for the wednesday fly fishing class, which is the one I enrolled in. Just wanted to make it today so I could do groceries with liangze on wednesday instead, but it looks like I won’t be able to in the end.

Turns out there is a TA for complex analysis and that is Yasemin. Looks like she’s just TA-ing all of hubbard’s courses. Will have to look seriously at the homework tonight so I can ask her any questions at office hours tomorrow. Many of the fresh grads have problems circumventing blackboard’s evil agenda of confunding everything to find the course webpage, and consequentially the cpx analysis homework. it’s seriously user-unfriendly, they didn’t ask hubbard to list the course as math or not, which means one can’t find it under the math courses on bboard but have to actually search for it under instructor name. When it pops up you can’t click on the course (there’s no link), and even after you have enrolled in it, there are no assignments listed under “assignments”, only under content. Hubbard is really riled by it and wants to get the person in charge fired.

Today was the first time I saw Keith Dennis laugh and it was weird. He seldom laughs in class, everything is very matter of fact and somewhat detached. His teeth are really squarey. Math professors always have one body part that looks weird. Like Billera’s caterpillar eyebrows. Or Berest’s hamster cheeks. Nerode’s totally non-indian countenance.

Mail has been slowly trickling into my mailbox. Got a vintage ring today and it’s beautiful. my mum’s CNY card is lost though, hopefully she didn’t put any money in it. I am sorta glad to be back in ithaca where all my ad mails actually apply, like 15% off taste of thai express on mondays :D got a huge box of ikan bilis for the nasi lemak party this weekend. :D still need to get peanuts and more spam and chicken wings and cucumbers. the whole of charlotte’s ex house is coming over this saturday to eat (so 不要脸 right :P). we invited them though and i’m sure the boys from there can really eat.



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