Looks like i’m getting my pictures back. michelle found my hard drive under her bed. i don’t really want to think about what i’ll find under my bed at the end of the semester. it’s a queen sized bed now and my fitted sheets no longer fit it.

i hate this waiting. waiting to hear if i got into courses. i really want piano performance but today’s audition didn’t go so well primarily because i only found out i had to audition last night. i wish i were as skillful as grace or xiumin. there were three rather critical looking asian ladies there, i’d hate to not get through. as i recall the last time mike emailed me to tell me i got through the audition, it was the day itself. if i don’t get in i’d need to figure out (quick) how to get more credits.

i’m enrolled in fly fishing, which only starts next week. also want to do backcountry cooking, i.e. how to cook gourmet in the wild with twiggy fires. i have my reservations as to how “gourmet” their gourmet is. was waffling between that and skiing, and decided skiing just needs too much equipment. windproof jackets, goggles?, a bus ride to greek peak, etc. etc. and i don’t even know if i’m a fan of it. on the waitlist for backcountry cooking as well as bike touring, both of which only meet like 5-6 times and i like both cooking and biking. so it’s more waiting to see if i even get my PEs. it’s awful.

also finally emailed my research advisor to arrange a meeting (and for course advice whether i shld do enumerative combinatorics or just stick with matrix groups). since he’s teaching the combinatorics course, it’s a 600 lvl course with less hw. 600 lvl courses are typically core graduate courses, 700 courses are in very specialized fields just for personal interest, and 500 lvl courses are for pedagogues.

i guess if worse comes to worst i’ll just have to do my research for credit, which will eliminate all my troubles. i don’t even have to get into a piano class, just fly fishing (which is the only thing i need to graduate), and maybe 3 credit research. it’s just i want to max out my research account, money minded me. it’s bad enough i don’t get hongbaos during cny. (well, technically liangze’s parents did send us each a hongbao which was really nice of them.)

my pasadena remy arrived! it’s a beautiful belize blue. waiting on some more things from etsy and of course the hard drive from michelle. hopefully she boxes it up properly, or i may still risk losing all my information.



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