In the midst of unpacking everything. It’s nice sometimes and awful at others. Liangze has been a dear and helped to carry the majority of the stuff i need to my apt. The kitchen here is tiny though, there is little space for everything kitchen-related I own. I used to store some of it in my room last time, like the mixer, but my room doesn’t really have a shelf, just a chest of drawers that is getting filled up with plastic bags, underwear, letter writing materials, meds, etc. I kinda miss westbourne, it was really comfy living there with so many shelves to keep everything i have. I suppose the lack of shelves here will make me start throwing stuff away, which is good. But I do need all my pots and pans and trays and knives to cook! I need a kitchen like aunty penny’s. Or like my mum’s at home. Or like chris’s. Although I think my kitchen at home actually has more storage space than chris’s. But of course chris has the freezer downstairs and the entire war inventory in her basement which could keep her and rich alive for a year at least. Another problem is I took the majority of the plates and bowls from westbourne (i could live in a single person apt and be self sufficient) and there is one tiny cabinet in the kitchen, and nothing else. That has been filled with cups and plates and bowls and a stash of prima packs which i will steadily demolish this sem. beef bulgogi marinade and herbal chicken spices and five spice chicken and garlic spare ribs and bak ku teh bags.

argh there is no space! i mean, there is lots of space, but there are no shelves for me to be organised! I have literally no food shelf and have put my bread and garlic cloves and milo can etc. in a cardboard box on the floor. naturally there is no space to entertain either, except one or two people. I suppose it doesn’t matter, most of the people I’d ask over have graduated! definitely won’t be hosting another 12 man christmas party here lol. unless they wanna eat finger food and sit on the couch. there’s space for hanrong when he comes to visit cause the couch converts nicely into a bed; got to ask charlotte first. doubt he’ll want to stay with liangze. the guys in lz’s house now are damn useless. (except zhihao). anyway the living room is warmer than my room so shld be no problem.

I wonder if I should replace the carpets. Don’t want to spend money unnecessarily (especially since lz and i did a grocery run today and bought a bag of kong xin cai that cost $8.81 lol. And I realised groceries are inordinately expensive! especially since most of the stuff i buy now will be paid for primarily by me and lz, whereas last time can anyhow buy everything in the store cause well, it’s split by four people. four people eating the expensive veggies makes it a lot less expensive! the lady at winli’s started talking to us cause kong xin cai is her fav veggie as well. better ask her how to fry properly. i really want to steam my chicken but realise i can’t find the metal stands for the plate and the lid for the pot. liangze got a good sized chicken that i wanted to steam for lunch tmr. haven’t had herbal chicken in forever!

spent about $150 on shopping today. in my defense a lot of it will be long term things that i bought in bulk, like tp ($13), contact lens solution ($15), tissue paper ($2.50?), fats from my ice cream ($5), fabric softener ($2.50) – although just realised my house has a lot, shampoo ($11), ok well, the rest is food like oj and a big bag of apples, and tomatoes and cheddar sausages and veggies and century eggs and ginger and garlic and fried shallots and a whole chicken and pb & j and rolls for the pb & j. got the cheapest pb & j in wegmans (house brand), probably the unhealthiest, ack. i suppose i won’t run out of money, but i still don’t like spending tt much on groceries which probably won’t even last beyond a few meals. Have to rmb i am cooking for 3 people now, not 5! so can cut down on how much to prepare. also a lot of condiments are already in the kitchen, so at least there won’t be set up cost for that. not to mention the crazy amount of prima packs. have to go through at least 2 a week to even finish.



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