Finally on the way back to Ithaca. Rich is busily checking that everything is on track for my flight, bless his soul. Chris has been sending me updates about whether the plane will leave Newark on time, so I literally don’t have to leave my seat here with the free wifi to check the announcement board. He could probably tell me what gate I need to go to if I wanted. I love internet savvy adults!

It was terrible leaving Budapest. Nothing went wrong, nothing screwed up to keep us there. No snow storm, nothing. That and we had to say goodbye to liangze’s landlady Klara, the sweetest woman in Hungary. She is pretty old (has three grandkids) but is terribly fit and when it was time to move the luggage out the door to the airport shuttle we booked, she came up to us and said “Klara help?” Adorable. We will have to send her photos and mail, I think she is quite recently widowed. We were staying in her half of the house for the last two days since the new tenants for 18 Langelet Waldemar utca came in, and she cooked for us and kept hugging us it was like living with a very old, very sweet grandma.

We did one last circuit of the town before we left, don’t know when we will be back to hear the lovely accents and the, “kovetkozik megallomas, ujpest kozpont” agan. we went to look at the bela bartok concert hall one last time with its jazzy blue lights, and ate at pomodoro with its wonderful panna cotta, and walked along szent istvan korut, popped in the west end Mango to look for my coat, and the great market hall to look for a chess set, and the Jatekterem in Mammut to look for more ulti cards to give to liangze’s advisor at cornell who also did BSM. went around saying goodbye to all our favourite spots (we’d already said goodbye to all our favourite people last month), and tried to pack everything into the suitcases we had.  Everything has been really stressful (the budapest side has been really nitpicky about our luggage being 1 or 2 kg overweight) and I can’t wait to be safely ensconced in my new apt, where I’ll have a whole new host of admin to settle such as finding a piano piece to play for church this sunday and practicing it and unpacking all my stuff from liangze’s basement. I don’t even know where my new apartment is, and neither do I have my key. Thank God Chris is coming to get me from the airport, I don’t know what I’d do without her! I just need to fall into a nice bear hug and then into a foreign bed, hopefully with sheets if I can find them in liangze’s basement. I don’t really wanna go near his house, since it sounds like a huge mess now and that would make me even more stressed.

I hate leaving. I hate travelling in general (not for leisure). The food here really sucks. I tried to get a cheeseburger meal at Mcdonalds in Newark to earn the right to sit in the middle of the free wifi zone and was told they don’t have one cheeseburger meals, only two cheeseburger meals. !?!? What is with the States? Can’t eat it, fries taste like plastic and the burgers are awful. At least the customs at Newark were friendly and fast, nobody checked my bags and the person processing me was really friendly. Said he got a lot of cornell kids coming through this week, asked when school started and said he was willing to bet the guy behind me was from cornell too. All the customs officers I meet here always ask “who is he, a boyfriend?” when liangze queues behind me. And then they’re always antsy and shy around my I-20 form which is yellowing, falling to pieces and is going to tear in half very soon. They always look at it like it’s some precious artifact and ask how old it is.  From the prehistoric era, of course.

Feel really queasy from all the disgusting food and the never ending flights. Our flight out of warsaw was delayed because they had to clear the snow off the plane, and ended up being more than 10 hrs long. We watched Pay it forward on the plane, and it was totally tragic and weepy, I don’t see why anyone would want to kill off Haley Joel Osment. :( Was crying like a baby at the end of it.

Everything really sucks right now. I am like a messed up jigsaw in a box that nobody is bothering to complete. I wish someone would pluck me by the nape of my neck, sign up for all my courses, get me a NY state fishing license so I can do my fly fishing PE, unpack all my stuff neatly, clean up liangze’s apt, find my hard drive with all my photos, perform the special music this sunday in my place, and get rid of the jetlag and crabbiness and general ennui.



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