The girl with the second dessert

Today I sacrificed my voice, my throat, and restful nights of not coughing to the gods of dessert and ordered not one, but two dessserts at the Bellevue in Prague. It couldn’t be helped, they had a chocolate fondant with nougat and berries and tonka bean ice cream, and a creme brulee with a chocolate cigar filled with mousse. How to choose?

The Bellevue was amazing, the waiters so wonderful and accommodating and candid. They didn’t treat me like a student, nor judge me for ordering two desserts. The way the menu at the Bellevue works is such that you can order any number of courses, typically at least one appetizer, one main, and one dessert, and the price of your set is calculated based on how many courses you order. Regardless of what you choose (even if you order two mains). Naturally liangze and i had lots of seafood and duck! The whole restaurant had very dim lights, so the pictures probably didn’t come out too well, but it certainly heightened our senses taste-wise. It is definitely one of the top 5 meals i’ve ever had. another one was the lobster thermidor we had in oslo. oboy that was one excellent lobster.

The trade off of course is that my throat, originally on the mend after some antihistamines and cough syrup, is very likely back to square one. we looked it up online and apparently dark chocolate doesn’t harm your throat, dairy products do. So i was to stay away from milk (and probably the creme brulee + chocolate fondant). Oranges and citrus fruits will only increase phlegm production for the short term, but the vitamin C helps overall, so I needn’t have stayed away from orange juice and oranges, which would actually have sped up my recovery. Not much info regarding deep fried foods, i had tempura with soba yesterday and i feel like it didn’t help matters. liangze says the only problem with deep fried foods is if they reuse oil, it increase the presence of some harmful compound in the food that is deep fried, but otherwise it doesn’t help or hurt, which seems totally contrary to the housewifely wisdom imparted from our mothers, who basically advocated nothing but congee when we’re sick. It’s amazing to see how little of the western world adhere to the no chocolate no fried food directive that has become second nature to us.

At least the hotel we’ve got tonight has a kettle! For me to make peppermint tea which has been really good for my throat. The hotel itself is really amazing (such a refreshing change from the frankfurt hostel) and it wasn’t even a splurge. I love being back in eastern europe where luxury doesn’t come at a price. basically i booked this fully furnished apartment in the heart of prague, walking distance from the train station and from the old town and the charles bridge. it’s got two bedrooms with two king sized beds, a living room, a kitchenette, two bathrooms (one just a WC), and a huge flat screen TV (from which we learnt today that Alaska has basically got the brunt of the entire world’s snow. No snow in any of the countries we’ve visited, nor in ithaca yet, which is completely unprecedented. The Alaskans took one for the team, and have had the highest snowfall since the 1970s, so much so that they have literally declared a state of emergency ><). The apartment even has its own router, and it was only 39 euros for 2 nights! Wish I could extend my stay and ask michelle to join us up here since it's a weekend and she has no work.

Needless to say we really like this place. The currency, the russian dolls, the beautiful architecture, the vysehrad, the charles bridge, the food, the value for money, etc.   It also makes us feel right at home, being the spitting image of Budapest. It’s nice to feel at home in a strange city.

Time to give liangze a haircut. his hair has been growing most unruly.



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