Finally got my poffertjes! We bought these at a christmas market and they were a real rip off, and shandy got these other poffertjes for us in rotterdam that were amazing. i love poffertjes. they are like mini dutch pancakes that are grilled on a takoyaki style hote plate and then convered in butter and icing sugar.

Hai! (is how my cousin says hi) haven’t updated for awhile. Been pretty sick (cough) and tired and want to go home (to singapore? to budapest? to ithaca?) where I can just laze in all day and not think about anything. hongquan joined us in amsterdam! it was really fun. we used to bump into other singaporeans overseas and the minute they open their mouths we know they are singaporean (even though they can’t place us) because they talk really loudly in singlish, and this time we are the obviously singaporean travellers. the minute hongquan opens his mouth, anyone within a 1km radius can tell we are singaporean!  there is great debate about where we’re from. in the jardin anglais in geneva, a couple asked us to take a photo for them with lac geneve and after that the guy said “where are you guys from? singapore?” and we were completely dumbfounded as to how he knew. we theorize that it must be the rubber bands that tie the camera lens cap to the camera body that liangze constructed. we hardly said a word to them apart from “ok.” in response to can we take a photo for them so it can’t be our accent. Maybe it’s the whole, hey, these oriental people speak english without a PRC accent or an american accent! But when we checked in to our Paris hotel the receptionist, without asking us, called up the manager to tell them two japonais had arrived, yes, they are from japon (in french), do we have a reservation for two japonais? weird. why would anyone automatically assume we are japanese? cause we are carrying a tablet computer and the japanese are obsessed with gadgetry? Why doesn’t anyone think we are PRCs? (which would be the most logical guess considering the sheer size of their population) Some of the Parisien chavs also yelled “konichiwa” at us during the new year festivities along the Seine.


we checked into the qbic hotel today and it is really nice. hongquan also left for oxford about 3 hours ago :( it was a gas. liangze really enjoyed listening about his tragic love life and i had fun bullying him as usual. he whined so much about not having time to study if he joined us in rotterdam, came with us to rotterdam and said he’d stay in to study today, and then spent today playing wind up knight, abduction, talking online, surfing fb, talking to us, etc. etc. his exam panic all keh one! his exams start next friday, he’s got a week left to study! i’m glad he took the time off to hang out with us. i daresay it was a lot more fun than staying in at oxford pretending to study.


Scenes of Amsterdam’s canals at night. The first one is the scene out the window of Hotel Titus, where we stayed on the 4th floor. Had to climb this really steep, narrow steps (no elevator -.-) up and down every day, but what a view!

You probably can’t read the sign but it says “Lousy food and warm beer” lol. It’s a bar in Rembrandtplein, where we took the metro to today in search of dinner and wound up at an Irish pub because the rice tables were all so expensive and there were things in each selection I didn’t like, like lamb. The Indonesian rice tables, or rijstaffels are basically selections of little plates of indonesian dishes that you eat with rice. they have sate, achar, gado gado, bami, all kinds of fish, prawns, lamb, basically an indonesian degustation. around 25 euro per person, and our meal at the pub was so much cheaper, although still more expensive than the same fare in the UK.

Tonights dinner at the pub. we had truly magnificent fish and chips and cottage pie that tasted just like my mum’s shepherd’s pie. It was one of liangze’s treats for my exams :) we played chess during the meal and i won! it was weird. i’ve won him a lot of times but this time he didn’t give way to me :) Figured we should have this here since we weren’t crossing the channel to a nice wetherspoons.



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