The mouse

Reached bruges on the first day of 2012, and it was like a fresh breath of air. Realised here that I don’t really consider going to poorer countries very holiday-ey at all, e.g. France, Italy. Especially if they don’t really have beautiful scenery to offer, there are beggars/cheats everywhere scheming on how to get your money, nobody ever helps you for free, hotels are so expensive and the cheap ones are of really dubious character, places are dirty/smell of pee. I especially hated how many places in Paris and Milan and New York smelt of pee. Smelling it makes me want to retch. These countries are so much older than Singapore yet they haven’t potty-trained their populace? C’est incroyable.

So liangze and I really enjoyed Geneva and Bruges, places that are really clean, no hobos (although I hope it is because of low income disparity and not just because the city council relocated them to outlying cities), genuinely helpful people (who don’t ask you for money in exchange for their help), slightly modern while retaining its quaint buildings and beautiful architecture. Can’t wait for Amsterdam and all the great Indonesian (and all the M&S products courtesy of my personal British food importer that is hongquan). I’m somewhat glad to be moving out of Western Europe. The hotel in Bruges is the best one we’ve had so far. super modern, sleek, somewhat like my dorm at Brunel, with very modern garden features outside and a really nice lobby. All the switches are like touch screens, and one of them activates a light that runs along  the middle of the walls, emitting a faint green 21st century glow like you’re in a spacepod. Unfortunately we did laundry again and in the span of two hours, turned the entire space pod into what looks like a construction worker’s container, clothes hanging off every imaginable hook/bar in the room to dry.  liangze hates it when nice hotels are converted into such squattery conditions, but it had to be done. some random drunk on the metro spilt some beer on my clothes yesterday, and i believe a woman’s sweat also dripped on me in all the drunken revelry to celebrate the new year. SO disgusting. Of all the cooties it is possible to contract, drunk cooties are the worst.

Why is liangze squeaking in his sleep? yesternight he burst out in a fit of laughter while asleep, and announced that he knew the answer to the pink riddle. The night before he told me very seriously that some math question was very easy. All while he was subconscious. As usual, nobody can fathom what goes through that very special mind of his. His snores sound like the elephants when they are being fed at the zoo. You know, when you stand across (lower?) seletar reservoir at the shore with the tower, you can listen to the elephants wonking happily in mandai zoo all the way across the water. 

bonne nuit, mes enfants.



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