The jet d’eau is up!

Clearing a backlog of posts now that I have time and liangze is off at the louvre. I sent him there for reasons that will be detailed later since I wanna keep things chronological.


Our third day in geneva was bright blue. The fog had cleared (it’s back again today according to my weather widget) and we could see far out on the lake. The jet d’eau was also up and running, and we walked along the lake side chasing rainbows in the water. The best angle to see rainbows in the jet d’eau is right on the promontory where you can walk out to the jet. Of course it all depends on the angle of the sun, but at 11am, that is the best place. No photos just as yet since liangze absconded with the camera and our SD card to the louvre. The number of photos I’ve taken thus far still occupies less than 8gb of space, and we’ve got 2 more 8 gig cards to fill. We didn’t walk out to the jet, cause this time I am here with a more expensive camera that will not be happy with the huge mist from the fountain cascading into the lac.

After about 84562 photos of the lake, the seagulls, the swans, and the rainbows, we took a bus up to the United Nations not to visit the compound, but to go to the jardin botanique, which is right beside it. The hotel we were staying in provided free transport passes for the entire duration of our stay, which was great. The jardin botanique has huge greenhouses, which reminded me so much of home – upon entrance, our glasses immediately fogged up, the camera fogged up, it took an eternity to get it defogged so i could take photos of the tropical flowers etc. A little silly since I can shoot most of those flowers in singapore, but here the tropics are a novelty, especially since i’ve been living in a temperate zone for close to three and a half years. image


Lots of plants in the jardin botanique were covered in dew, and we whiled away a lot of time trying to get good shots of the water droplets on all the plants. The horloge fleurie (flower clock) in the jardin anglais just beside the jet d’eau is now designed with pansies and other winter blooms. I like how some of the numbers are offset to the side, compared to the last time I was here, the colours didn’t match and everything was symmetrical. image

I love flower clocks. There’s one in Vienna too, but not half as nice as this one. I thought everything would be drab and grey in the winter, but clearly I completely underestimated swiss gardeners. i wonder what the belvedere in vienna will look like in the winter. Apparently Freud used to take long walks in it which inspired a lot of his theories. Strange since the belvedere doesn’t seem particularly sexual to me.

I think my writing style is a lot different when I don’t have pre-uploaded pictures to write about. I suppose the pictures should always come later, as illustrations, and the writing foremost. 

After all the romping we had lunch at au petit chalet down rue de berne(?), where i had my first cheese fondue with amrita. It was great! We didn’t eat another cheese fondue of course, but i did have my curry flavoured spaghetti with pineapple and cherries, and liangze had a rosti valaisan (‘the works’). I love that little place. It was packed to the gills for lunch, and I think is far more worth going to than cafe du soleil.




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