in continuation of yesterday’s post, here’s why i packed liangze off to the louvre. I seem to have contracted a stomach flu/fever, and have been feeling utterly miserable and achy. Yesterday night was the only night where it was free for internationals under 26, and we were planning to go. But I had to stay home cause I was feeling really disgusting and nauseous. Maybe because of the huge pot of mussels we got served on our first night here?  it was neverending, there must have been at least 100 mussels in the original pot, and not enough space to keep the shells in the shell pot. liangze and i are swearing off mussels for awhile. They were slightly fishy, and some of them had a bit of seaweed like things stuck to them. The moules mariniere we ordered was only 13.60, we couldnt believe how many mussels the restaurant (marco polo) served up. They were tiny little bastards of course, but the sheer quantity was still sickening.


It could also be because of the croque moliere i had for lunch yesterday with the weird tasting chicken. in any case, it really got me, and it’s so disappointing that i can’t eat anything i came here to eat. angelina’s chocolat chaud, laduree’s macarons, pierre herme’s chocolate confections, amorino’s gelato.. It’s driving me crazy, the thought of all those things that are going to go uneaten because of a dinky stomach flu. but c’est la vie, it’s probably better for me.  liangze has been a dear, buying me food and fruit and juice and doing other little errands despite the fact that i am ruining paris for him T-T

We went to the Paris CineAqua in the Trocadero which is their aquarium. the admission was 15.50 for students, and that place is simply overrun with kids. Last I recalled friday was still a working day. well, not in france. we didn’t see anything really new here, apart from some purple sea urchins and some armored sea urchins. They had garden eels, but only a few. Lots of other regular eels though. they had an exhibition on ponyo, and other movies involving sea creatures which was interesting. sort of like exhibiting work that is not theirs instead of buying some cooler fish. the touch tank only had koi in it, too bad for the kids. It reminded me of lazy primary school afternoons in wenqi’s house getting the koi to nibble on our fingers. Most aquarium touch tanks have starfish, flat fish, sea urchins, and other friendly sea creatures. The one in singapore has rays!







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