perfectly satiated and leaving for paris in about 6 hours. Also suffering from an overload of cheese. We had quiche (and coeur de france) for breakfast, raclette for lunch, and fondue for dinner. man the coeur de france (something like elephant’s ears) at the gare du cornavin are delicious. you have to go to the right patisserie. They also have croissants and the most amazing quiches. I think the coeur de france is like an extra-advanced danish cookie. A quick search on google reveals tt they are the same as palmiers, which may be a more common name.

liangze and i have both been crabby and bickery after the awful bus ride. maybe he didn’t get enough sleep? And i am very fierce and unforgiving when people piss me off. yesterday several people pissed me off, including this one creperie in the old town of geneva i wanted to give a horrible review only to find that they didn’t exist on trip advisor. We ordered a ham and mozzarella crepe and a nutella and banana crepe and both tasted AWFUL. the mozzarella wasn’t even melted, and the crepes were unbrowned, which meant they just used some premade crepes and put the filling in before microwaving or something, exactly how it is done at nagyi palacsinta (a completely budget crepe place in hungary where you can have a great crepe for a euro) only that we paid 20 euros for our crepes. And my crepes are heads and shoulders better than theirs. We gave him some money and he completely neglected to give us change. And when we asked for it the man at the counter kept saying “I don’t understand what you’re talking about” in an immensely irritating french accent. I thought the swiss were supposed to speak english, french, italian, and german. I suppose if you’re too thick to pick up enough english to know that “change” doesn’t mean ‘change’ or ‘cambio’,  you would wind up running a dinky, unpopular creperie. I don’t think any waiter should assume that when you give more money than the total, you are leaving a tip. A guy in tokyo sushi (?) in bratislava also kept our change as a tip, even though in bratislava tipping merely means rounding the bill to the nearest euro. A lot of service staff in europe seem to be as entitled as americans.

There was a very gracious waiter yesterday at L’auberge de savoiese though. There was a pair of hong kong (imo) girls sitting across from us, and you think singaporeans are stingy with their money, but they took it to a totally new level. They spoke english like sarong party girls (not exactly singlishy english) but lapsed into canto a lot. I don’t really think anyone our age would naturally lapse into canto so I guess they’re from hong kong. when they waiter asked them what they wanted, they said “tap water” and then said “there’s no charge for that right?” and later when ordering their meals, they got the daily specials and then said “that’s only 16 dollars – i mean francs – right? ok great!” and she literally gave two thumbs up to the waiter for having such prices. i’ve never met anyone so concerned with money to be incessantly yapping about how much everything on the menu costs with a member of the establishment. The poor man never batted an eyelid. their entire meal probably came up to the price of liangze’s steak. I had the raclette sampler and rosti alla bismarck both of which are fabulous. as usual, this restaurant does not appear on trip advisor either.

We caught an english movie at the central cinema yesterday (A dangerous method) about  the work in psychoanalysis done by Freud, Jung, and Spielrein and it was as grim as One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest, which we watched in the bus on the way to Geneve. Really need to watch a lot of crappy romcoms to clear all the sobriety in our heads. The movie was deeply disturbing (Keira Knightley did a Russian accent, I don’t know what Russian accented English would sound like but she didn’t sound normal lol.) but also quite good. The cinema was deadly quiet and laughed at all the right parts, a very developed audience, no need to tell anyone to switch off their handphones etc. Then again it was half arthouse-half documentary so you expect the people who attend to be somewhat disturbed themselves. It was great also because it was our first english movie in a cinema in about half a year, which is a very long time for a movie junkie like me. Most movies in Budapest are dubbed over in Hungarian and NOT subtitled, even things like Johnny English and hupikek topikek (The Smurfs).  The movie made Freud come off as a bit of an ass, which I suppose he was. And also portrayed the tension between him and Jung quite well, especially in light of Jung’s wealth.

Time to wake the liangze up. Sometimes I feel like I am travelling with a very sleepy/hungry/active little puppy. Who so happens to be able to carry my stuff ;)



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