l’ultimo giorno

Out a-wandering last night after our dinner at wasabi. I love buildings whose lights line the edges of the architecture. It can make the plainest of buildings look really elegant. This is the piccolo teatro in milan, not sure what it screens but it certainly is no la scala.

Cadorno station, where we wanted to leave our luggage this morning (after we checked out of our hotel at 10am but had about 6 hours to kill). One thing we found in various European train stations is that while they have signs that say “Deposito bagaglio” or its equivalent in any language, you can follow the sign all you want but you’ll never find the baggage deposit. Places with bag deposit in Milan are the Stazione Centrale and in Geneva, the Gare du Cornavin. Typically after 9/11 most bag deposits would have been cleared. Anyway we headed to the Triennale, got a pass to all their exhibits at only 10 euros apiece (believe me, it’s worth it. The triennale is like design museum) and left our bags there all day until we left for the Lampagnuno Bus Terminal which was on the same metro line.



Lunch at this incredibly cheap pescheria, which unfortunately doesn’t have scallops or prawns, but has a lot of other shellfish and fish. The total came up to 26.20 euros, the coperto was only 60 cents each, and the set menu included a drink, a coffee, a primo, a secondo, and a contorno (side dish). So even though liangze got the tiny sea bream saltimbocca (first pic) and a bottle of water, his half of the meal was more expensive than my 10 euro set meal which included the spaghetti alle vongole and the zuppette del pescatore (the crock pot of shell fish in a tomato broth). I think the places here don’t put enough white wine in their vongole. I like mine to have lots of white wine so the clams won’t be overpowering. The mussels at this place didn’t seem too fresh, and we both agreed the best mussels to be had is still in singapore. My personal favourite (even after the Belgian sorozo in Budapest) is Fish & Co.’s mussels in lemon butter. I would give anything to eat a pot of those right now. Liangze’s favourite rendition is at Brussel Sprouts, which I’ve never been to.

The following pictures are of the clocks in the O’Clock exhibition at the Triennale before I got told by a security guard that pictures were not allowed. They should just put a sign up prohibiting cameras, how else am I to know? the security guard in the Design section of the museum didn’t stop anyone there from taking photos so I assumed photos were allowed everywhere.

An olfactory clock. Each candle takes 10 minutes to burn I think, and has a different scent. At the end of its life, the candle lights the candle next to it and so there is a continuous measure of time.

One of those clocks with 24 clock faces, each of which are programmed to place its hands to portray the time digitally. There were other very complicated non-digital digital clocks, one of which included a non stop 24 hour video of 4 men changing the digits of a digital clock every minute. The digits were long planks held up by a frame, and they had to run in every minute to move the planks around for 24 solid hours. I’m not sure if they had shifts. I hope whoever the artist hired were convinced of the purpose of this.

A pong clock! It was awesome Every minute, the guy on the right scores so his score increases by 1, showing the time. Every hour, the guy on the left scores so the hour increases by one. Amazing programming.

A life clock, showing what happens in the lives of a grandmother and a young girl at any given time.

Suffice to say the Triennale was cool, and Dave would have enjoyed the clock exhibition hugely.

we finally entered switzerland at 1.10am today. Our slated arrival time was 11pm by bus. Good thing i had the sense to email the hotel earlier to tell them we’d be arriving late, the receptionist gave us the code for the front door and told us to help ourselves to the key :P I like this hotel. It’s small but cozy, has parquet floors and everything smells clean and the taps work like clockwork – very silent. We have a shared bathroom and it is really an exorbitant price, but includes a public transport pass. Never again are we taking intercity buses! It was cheap but not worth it, I was surrounded by jerks on all sides. In front was a really perky ADHD girl who looked like a very old teenager and kept bouncing in her seat, which really interfered with our movie (One flew over the cuckoo’s nest) so once I kneed her seat in the back and she swivelled around to see what the problem was and I looked away. Would have told her off if not for the fact that my Italian is abysmal and if I rattled off in English it would be completely futile. About halfway into the journey I was ready to blow my nose into her coat (which was sticking out the back into my seat). The guy behind was a lot better, but whenever he talked on the cell he had the tendency to shake his legs. Which is fine and well only that it shook my seat as well. That’s it for my custom Eurolines wise, I’ll be much better off paying whatever rate TGV has to offer.

It’s 2.40am now and time to sleep so I can wake up tomorrow to get my quiche and crepes and cheese fondue :D I guess it’s pretty obvious I love Geneva.



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