Went to the centrale stazione FS to try getting train tickets to geneva tomorrow and they were WAAAY overpriced. like 74 euros each, which is really not what i expected for what I thought was a short journey. So we headed to the lampagnuno bus station instead to find bus tickets to geneve, and those were half the price. The only downside is that the bus leaves at 16.45 and reaches at 23.00, which is a 6 hour journey, whereas the train only takes 4 hours. Liangze doesn’t want to drive (Italian drivers are crazy, as I mentioned about how the red light is twice the size of the green or amber lights) so we’re taking the bus. Anyway the central station had a christmas market and we, being all touristy, bought a tiramisu flavoured piece of soft nougat (torrone) that I wound up not really liking. The nougat shopowner had some hard nougat samples and they were pretty good, so we bought the tiramisu one. Lesson learnt: Always buy the flavour of the food on display. It was 30 euros for a kilo, and my estimation was off today so we wound up with 7 euros of nougat and no way of finishing it.

Visited the navigli today (three canals in Milan that look very amsterdam-esque and take pretty mean photos at sundown. There were all sorts of pescherias and artsy shops along the canals and we went into one of the courtyards to take this apartment building.



There was a funfair going on at one of the public gardens besides the natural history museum with an ice skating rink, churros!, cotton candy, pony rides, bumper cars, and a carousel with vespas and cars on it instead of horses lol (middle picture). We also found a fritella stand that had REALLY AWESOME fritelle. They are like donuts in the shape of langos, and taste like donuts right out of the fryer. The chinese kind of donuts coated in sugar but with a greater surface area to volume ratio = more sugar! They also sold fritelle with nutella for 3.50 but i don’t see why anyone would want to get anything other than the original.

Lunch at primafila. We’ve been finding some pretty affordable restaurants (entrees for around ~10 euros) and keeping our bills less than 50 euros a meal including the drink and the cover (coperto). Travel protip: do not tip in italy (unless you get really really exceptional service and want to leave more). There is usually an entry on the receipt for “coperto” which is the tip, and it is standardised, not by percent, which is great. I never got why tips in america and service in singapore and so many other places are by percent. How does ordering a very expensive dish justify my paying the waiter a hefty tip? It’s not like HE cooked it. I didn’t like the carbonara at primafila, and we are going to try searching for a decent pescheria tomorrow. The italians are pretty serious about their seafood, and we already missed out on eating at Da Claudio (THE place for seafood in Milan which is unfortunately closed from the 25th to the 27th and we are leaving tomorrow).



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