Touchdown in Milan


Milan is a city of light. There are so many christmas lights and designer shops all down via napoleone, and their shop windows are all so nicely decorated! Doesn’t help that we just watched Confessions of a shopaholic, now it makes me want to buy stuff even more. I saw a really nice bag in the Alexander McQueen shop. 

The hotel is kinda sucky and far from the city center, but there are 3 direct buses there. All of which have been free so far :P I think the conductors (or kontrollers) as we call them in Hungary don’t work on christmas eve/christmas day. In Budapest most of the public transport system shuts down on christmas eve since everyone is home having dinner with their families. when we took the metro to nyugati to catch a train to the airport, there were no conductors checking our metropass. At least the italian tram drivers and metro still work on christmas eve, but i can expect a fair bit of walking tomorrow.

The main attraction here isn’t food, but fashion, so we have been eating quite sparsely. Had lunch at a completely unknown place and it was a lot even though we only ordered primi piatti. Italian menus have antipasti, primi piatti, secondi piatti, dolci all laid out in a very structured manner which somewhat implies you have to order one of every course but it is of course not necessary. Were too full to grab a proper dinner so we ended up buying tronky (haven’t seen that in ages!) cherry tomatoes, a prosciutto sandwich (yuck), olive oil and rosemary flavoured pringles, and a pirated version of twisties which was surprisingly good (called fonzies) for dinner. We had brought a fair amount of food with us (notably, beigli and the martha washington candy the smiths gave to us) since we were going to be away from budapest for a month and all those things would expire in that space of time. Hopefully some restaurants will be open tomorrow! Although it’s not like we’ll starve to death :P

image Here’s a picture of a failed chess set display in the G Lorenzi cutlery/army knife store where the knight was placed on a wrong square.

No proper photo editing software for android, so all photos posted for the next few weeks will be in their raw format.



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