Buon Natale!


Feeding piegons outside the duomo

We were just crossing to the other side to get a nice pic of the duomo (below) when this random guy pressed some dried corn into my hand and told me to feed the pigeons. He gripped my hand and lifted it up and whistled for the pigeons to come eat and it was scary and weird at the same time for all these feathery bodies to land on my hand pecking at the corn. Then he ran around taking photos of us and after the whole thing he and his partner asked us to pay them 50 euros. They were out of their mind! I didn’t even want the service, they got all these unhygienic pigeons to land on me, and the corn must cost like 10 cents or something. They kept bargaining with us and trying to intimidate us by saying that it’s only business. First liangze said he’d delete the photos, and then we decided to give them 5 euros and left. Some kind of business, when they don’t get the money or advertise the price before pulling unsuspecting tourists into their sham. No wonder these businessmen are stuck feeding pigeons instead of running an actually profitable operation.



La Scala

No performances for the entire duration of our stay in Milan, which is just as well since I think the student tickets are 49 euros apiece. In fact there is a Don Giovanni on the 27th or 28th of Dec but they are all sold out until the 15th of January. I guess if we actually did some research we would have known not to come to Milan till later AND we would have known to pre-book tickets to the opera. But if we did do research it would be pretty out of character :P


Not sure what this is, but it was outside the parco sempione. It's still warm enough for the fountains to be running!

Christmas dinner tonight was in chinatown at some chinese restaurant that was overpriced but not too bad. Not christmassy at all but we loved how efficient they were. We got in and out of there in under an hour and managed to catch the last (free) tram back at 7.30 :D The waitress was super pushy though and kept trying to get us to order all her recommendations, which looked like she was just listing the food in the kitchen that would otherwise go bad.




First time in three years I’ve had a green christmas. I hope the jet d’eau will still be running when we reach Geneva. Can’t wait for all the shops to be open tomorrow! We found a Laduree and a Peck as well as a Nobu. As of now I can’t say i’m impressed with the food here, although we are just hopping into the most convenient spots to eat. The good places wouldn’t open on christmas anyway!



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