the boy i love

i left this page open and liangze’s fingers got itchy and typed in a suggested title for this post.

it’s all over, can’t do anything about it anymore. I love the feeling of impotence. It means I can literally sit back and not stew about how stupid I am because it won’t change anything. What I can do something about is the upcoming holiday. Need to finish booking hotels and downloading movies. At least we have our flight to Milan this saturday settled. and i’ve sorta packed my room (at least packed the big suitcase) for liangze to take home tonight. still have some clothes strewn about and other daily necessities but everything else should fingers crossed, fit into the small suitcase and my backpack. i’m heading to the red bus bookstore at astoria to see if the guy wants his books back. He can have them back for free or pay me any amount for them, i don’t really care. other lighter books i’m taking along with me to read on the trip.

We went back to Pomo D’oro again for lunch to have the amazing panna cotta. They don’t have a lunch menu, but are open from 11-24 so we don’t have to rush. Tomorrow we’ll probably head to Nobu and Comme chez soi, in a bid to go through all my favourite restaurants one last time :'( Hate that soon i’ll have to tip 15% again for service that I think is not as genteel. I don’t really like how the american waitresses keep coming up to you and asking you how you’re doing or how the meal is. I like how they don’t judge you if you order your dessert first or if, after your mains, you order more entrees. But the walking by every 15 minutes and asking how’s everything? I really don’t need that. European waitstaff leave you in peace to stuff your face. You can take as long as you want or as short as you want, but each meal is to be enjoyed, not to be interrupted by pesky waitresses you have no interest in making small talk with.

No more cheap and fabulous italian :( No more cheap high end restaurants :( argh don’t wanna go back to ithaca.


3 pensieri su “the boy i love

    1. oops. accidentally hit enter. let me begin again.

      hallo clever girl!! your post is totally 离题! but the boy you love is going to treat you (maybe tmr? :D ) dun wanna go back ithaca, then dun go lor. i want to stay here too! we’ll definitely have to come back some day, and stay for a long while

      1. eh you very free har. somebody still got exam tomorrow 呆 here for what. very clever donnid to study already is it.


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