Last suppers

I accidentally packed the sheet of paper detailing which restaurants we have yet to go to so I shall document it here, along with last minute stuff I need to do.

1. Nobu
2. Comme chez soi (for the french garlic herb butter that just MELTS like bearnaise)
3. Olimpia (to see our fav waiter)
4. Pata Negra?
5. Pomo D’oro (panna cotta)
6. 50 Bar (amazing chilli chocolate cake. check out the “Chestnut desk” they appear to offer for dessert. I don’t even know what non-furniture equivalent it can be) – swapped for Kono Pizza
7. Pavillon de Paris. haven’t been here in a while!

We don’t even have that many meals left! Maybe we shld skip the more average ones like Olimpia and Pata Negra.

Things to do:
1. return/sell books to the red bus
2. Visit Daubner cukraszda and buy ourselves a nice slice of cake for surviving today’s hell. When we are there, buy diabetic friendly beigli for erika, regular makos beigli for zoli, and diospure beigli for the smiths (and maybe for our breakfast on the 24th). And maybe grow some imagination so I’ll give people more creative presents.
3. return the phone + wodehouse novel to erika at the farewell party!
4. give mariann my forwarding address + envelope + stamps to forward any remaining mail to ithaca
5. go for my last piano lesson and GET A PIC WITH ZOLI
6. get a pic with the smiths (fix with them how to get to velence after 5)
7. pack up the last of my luggage and move more stuff to liangze’s house by thursday.
8. download all the movies we need for the trip, load them into the memory cards
9. book hotels for the rest of the trip, starting with brussels,bruges, and amsterdam >_< the rest can wait till later :P gosh we are such procrastinators.



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