T-9 hours

I’m scared :( :( :( :(
Don’t wanna go to school tomorrow
my dendrites have started shrinking and none of my neurons are signalling anything.
no brain activity. i might as well be a turnip sitting for a test.
i have no intuition for algebra whatsoever. my number theory course is only going to help me this much tomorrow since finite fields are only a tiny little topic in galois.
That and I have to get up at 7.35am to reach on time and then weather the 6 hour shitstorm.
It feels like the A levels again. Only the A levels were a hundred times easier and not all in one day. (curses to the person who told me university is much easier than jc. what kinda shitty course did you do at uni, social work?? sociology?)

Interestingly, this will not affect my GPA at all. All it will affect is my grad school apps, and it would look really shitty next to liangze’s straight A+s if I actually failed everything. Even if I got straight As it would STILL look bad T-T And I doubt there is a chance of straight As even with my zero intuition for galois theory.

My brain is absolutely saturated. I literally cannot remember another thing and the things I try to remember now are relegated to my short term memory.
good night.


2 pensieri su “T-9 hours

  1. night night! sleep well! need to let your neurons do a pre-game huddle before firing away tmr. remember our treating arrangement and you’ll be fine <3

    also, galois ran out of time to finish his paper (his last writings have "je n'ai pas le temps!" scrawled on the side), but still proved all this stuff that's gonna be tested… too bad for us, but i guess this mean's there's still hope if we're running out of time!


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