Words escape me

I lost my voice the other day
Unknown unto myself;
I ope’d my lips- out fled a word!
all speech pursued in stealth.
In their wake remained a squawk,
A cloud of bafflement
The skeletons of words surged forth
in wheezing babblement:

“Dispense with all effusive speech!
Denounce all oratory!
All matters must be signed, divined-

I first gave up the merry ‘e’s
which only brought forth tidings
of clogs and boats and sticking wax
of bokchoys, and of high kings.
I saw that ‘a’s now had to go
and vry othr vowl
thn nxt n ln r cnsnnts
bt lts thrw n th twl.

I played the quiet game all day-
a hopeless hide and seek-
Twixt Narcissus and Echo sweet
My voice was just as meek.
I saw a creature one week after
at the beach half-drowned.
I dried off all her apathy,
Once hoarse, she now has sound!

That took so much longer than normal. Guess i haven’t written properly in a while. See if you can spot all the references and puns.

The rhyme scheme is modelled after one of my favourites by Hardy ;)


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