Been shopping online for something for hongquan and man, the designated “gifts for guys” online are pathetic! according to them, guys don’t do anything apart from plugging their ipods/ipads into speakers, wear preppy sweater vests, or charge their phones with solar power. (@hq, i didn’t get you any of those, sorry if you actually want them.)

perhaps i don’t know the english online (not for clothes) shopping scene, but what sites would you use to buy cool stuff for people?? i don’t really know where to find cool stuff for people in the US either, maybe thinkgeek or etsy. recently i’ve been keeping my eye on kate spade’s oatmeal beantown quinn,

a tote that is two years old but recently popped up on ebay. it’s in their current collection masquerading as the fox chapel shari,

Can’t decide which to get!!!

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