We found a really great cukraszda on the buda side yesterday, where dan took us there to try his favourite rendition of the esterhazy cake. the cukraszda is also taking orders for beigli, which is a sort of roll, like the peanut pancake we have, but rolled up (jolly bean style) and with poppy seeds or walnuts in them. i tried their orange truffle cake, liangze had the dobos torta, and marion had the milk chocolate cake. they were ALL good, the cream was very well mixed, compared to the cheaper tasting creams everywhere else. it’s sad that we’ve only JUST found the cukraszda and what with finals looming we hardly have time to eat in nice (far away) places anymore and if we bought a whole beigli there is not a chance of finishing it unless we offer it to yanshuo and his family who are coming. either we come back early from our trip, or we find some way to squeeze it in after finals, where we already have to pack up all our crap, make a trip to velence, return my mobile and the wodehouse book to erica, go to the farewell party to check our transcripts (sounds like a very macabre kind of party), settle my rent, try to give away all the books i acquired to second hand bookstores, all in the span of 2 days.

the interesting thing about the cukraszda is that i’ve been trying to find it for quite a while. I saw a guy on the bus carrying a cake box, but i couldn’t figure out the name of the confectionery that produced the cake cause the logo is quite illegible, and the name of the cukraszda was only printed on one side of the cake box, which meant it was out of view most of the time. but yesterday when Dan took us there I saw the logo for the shop and it was exactly what was printed on the cake box! People who know me well will know it’s not beneath me to drag liangze around chasing after a complete stranger just to see the name of a cukraszda so awesome that people buy entire cakes from it on the box. just like how i dragged mingsee around raffles city so we could figure out if this woman we saw was pregnant or just… dumpy.

we stumbled upon a moses bridge in the west netherlands (Halsteren) which we’ll probably try to visit before getting to rotterdam. it’s sort of the opposite of an infinity pool- the bridge is sunken into the water, so you can’t really see it unless you’re on it. I think it’s a great piece of architecture.



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