first batch of christmas cards

last week of classes starts monday. I finally completed wind-up knight. Got S on every level and got the club shield, which attracts coins and turns enemies to stone (a mix of the medusa shield and the magnetic shield, too bad it doesn’t attract keys) as well as the diamond sword, which sends fireballs through your opponents (kinda silly considering by the time you get enough cards to win the club shield or the diamond sword, you’ve completed the most devilish levels and don’t need it anymore.) did the whole thing without having to buy notes, too. (you have to trade a certain amount of gold to buy weapons and to transit to the next book)
i am amazed that freeware like this for android and iOS is available. lots of work must have gone into coding and graphic design, i guess it’s too bad most apps are free, or they would have made a pile. lots of bored programmers out there :) it is so much better designed than angry birds. short, sweet, and leaves you wanting more. like the perfect meal.

i’m trying to get this year’s christmas cards out before finals descend upon me. also still contemplating whether to ask for a separate day for my geometry exam, which is currently tuesday at 8am. here is my compact final’s schedule:

i guess i am paying for having 4 day weekends now. on the one hand having it all on the same day, hell would start and end on the 20th (yeah right. hell starts when the cramming starts, i.e. now. and i don’t even have more levels of wind up knight to comfort me :( ) on the downside, if i tried to move geometry to wednesday (it is the only class with a tues/wed slot, so it is the only class that can move its final. the other two are tues/thurs classes and finals end on wednesday) i’d be able to sleep in on tuesday. OR, i could leave my finals as is, have geometry for starters, combinatorics for additional warm-up, and have galois theory for lunch when my adrenaline levels are up.

playing for church tomorrow. actually, it’s the first time i am visiting this church (international church of budapest) and dan asked me to play for offering (i guess he must be in the church leadership?). i feel like a rock star who goes around performing at churches. hahaha what delusions of self-grandeur. playing one of Cindy Berry’s arrangements: Morgenstemning from Peer Gynt woven with Amazing Grace. after practicing all of once on College International’s super cui piano. Hopefully it will be fine! I had my piano lesson today on a steinway in the gyorgy ligeti school and Zoli was very encouraging about my ballad no. 3 but absolutely horrified by my tempest lol.

that’s what they are sposed to sound like. rest assured my playing is nothing like that lol. although it seems even famous pianists take the same shortcuts i do.



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