Today’s mailbox returns

Guess which letter is from a boy and which is from a girl

I received these two almost identical letters, with identical fish stamps, identical envelopes, identical scrawly handwriting in black. I wonder if the people who penned them would be able to tell them apart. At first I wondered why the same person was sending me two letters… 讨债? (i actually owe her money hahah). But one of them is male handwriting and the other is female. There is actually a graphologist booth in Mammut (Hungarian for Mammoth), one of the malls here. I wanted to get my handwriting analysed but the graphologist probably only speaks Hungarian, which would render any reading quite useless.

Longest stamp I've ever seen

This one came from mildred. She got the postcard (within the envelope) from the National philatelic museum, not sure if the stamp is from there too, but it is pretty cool huh. the reason the postcard is in an envelope is because the stamp is too long to fit on it ><

I'm so glad the snow has started on the wordpress interface!
Time for bed, and then two problem sets tomorrow, both due on thursday.



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