Finally a lull in the week (all homework sets submitted), and it’s time to get down to my correspondence. I mailed a letter off to becks about a day ago, but i think tiffany’s letter needs a bit more care. she is my courageous friend working under the Peace Corps in Babati, Tanzania, now, and needs a spot of encouragement here and there. She sent me a picture of a baobab tree in Tanzania against an inky blue sky, so I drew her a tree back, a sketch i learnt from this book “disegnare un albero” or “drawing a tree” i bought from la feltrinelli.

Anyway, I take more time with Tiffany’s because I want to catch up on her life as journalled on her blog, about the hardships there, the joys, her students (she is teaching science i think), and the farming project. There are more insightful questions to be asked if I know what is going on in her life. I also received a letter from Bibianna today (very touching, considering she wrote it before all the rush and bustle of completing her final year project at NTU). Most people would have just waited until after their exams or projects. My exams are coming up soon (it looks like I will have three on 20 Dec) and then I’ll have to pack all my junk into Liangze’s room before we set off to see the world and beyond.

Aside. Liangze and I have been having a laugh reading a certain person’s blog, who plays fast and loose with his italics (in every other line or more). I’ve been reading sentences from blog entries out to lz and he has to guess where the italics lie, and it’s hilarious. A typical paragraph would read like this:

Today we ate at The (insert name of restaurant). The kung pao chicken was quite good. (insert foreign word) is the Chinese word for “Long life”, and the noodles served there are certainly long indeed. While the food was good, I wouldn’t give it full marks. We don’t want them getting complacent do we?


come on. italics are what 13-yr old girls use to sound melodramatic.



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