I love my little nest here. I love coming home to it.
The little painted jar from Bratislava that holds my scented candles.
My handbags all hanging on the wall.
The heater that rumbles and grumbles like a fireplace.
All the delivery menus taped to my wardrobe. my little cloth box of lotions and creams and sunblock and concert tickets! also where i stash all my money in an opaque bijou brigitte ziploc to fool any potential robbers that it’s not valuable.
the little poster of ice skating ballerinas tumbling all over each other on my wall.

thank goodness all the things i love are portable and will be put up in my next home which i will love as well.

i need to start making my rooms less.. “me”. Then I wouldn’t mind leaving so much. What i wouldn’t give to step into my room in westbourne exactly as it was, pearly blue carpet and revolving flamingoes.



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