from Italy. And my room is made, and christmas lights are hung up on my street. I live on a pretty main street here, Szt Istvan korut. It’s not the orchard road equivalent (andrassy ut) but it carries two pretty major tram lines and lots of other shops and also a major railway station, and now it is decorated! With lights winding around the trees and big stars hung from the street lamps. so pretty. I can see the lights from my living room.

I love having a maid. Who makes my beds. We’ve been playing wind up knight (before the battery on the tablet ran out ><.. i forgot to bring the charger on the trip so we had to ration our internet/tablet usage i.e. no movies :( ) and only now have i gotten extra notes to unlock the second level! it is a wicked fun game and thanks to it (plus the lack of internet) i’ve been putting off editing hr’s SOP.

More on Bologna another time! Haven’t edited any of the photos yet but I do have a lot of reviews to post on tripadvisor about the restaurants. Suffice to say the food was a-ma-zing. I still like my mum’s lasagna best though. Which is also apparently what most italian people will say about which rendition of tagliatelle al ragu they like best.



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