We’ve been watching LOTR all weekend. finished the fellowship of the ring and the two towers, with liangze piping all sorts of LOTR trivia beside me (i feel like i’m going out with leonard hoffstadter) and me asking silly questions about the various loopholes. i really liked the two towers as a movie, as a book i think it’ll have too much unnecessary detail. haven’t read that one before, but i’ve read the fellowship and the hobbit and waded through the silmarillion enough to know that tolkien is not what one would call a “man of few words”.

i really like merry and pippin. meriadoc is such a lovely name, as is peregrin. i love how greedy they are, and how funny they are, and the absolutely priceless expressions they give to the ents. i’ve also never seen the ents before despite having answered numerous questions about them in the NYTimes xword. They have such droopy sympathetic expressions, exactly how I visualized them.

thus another weekend was whiled away doing absolutely nothing, finding out how the food at onyx tasted, having piano lesson and reconstructing the entire 3rd ballad -.-, playing for church, meeting with liangze’s parents’ pastor friends at their hotel’s club room, making pork congee, skimming through hr’s application to grad school and realizing in the process that i have done absolutely nothing important in my life. i didn’t even know he took the kieval prize (in physics) this year, which is mad cool. also cool that he didn’t say a word about it! in fact, if you go to this page try refreshing it as many times as you can to see how many singaporeans will appear in the little orange box on the right. i got three. i think there’s lots to be said for singapore’s education system considering all the undergrad physics awards this year were taken by singaporeans and there are a LOT of physics majors they’re competing against. the kieval prize for math this year was also taken by a singaporean. i have a feeling the class of 2012 will not be able to match up to their predecessors unless liangze starts doing research soon. no way i’ll take it, if not liangze then at least sudesh or tom, both of whom i will be elated for too.

At dinner tonight liangze’s friends upon introductions automatically assumed I gave myself my name. They literally asked me “so what is your real chinese name?” -_- I wonder why people keep thinking that. Just because it’s “Russian”? It’s like Amrita and her enormous gaffe to the Turkish guy when she told him “I don’t mean to be presumptuous since everyone probably asks you if you live in the capital but are you from Istanbul?” T-T haha that was when we started memorizing capitals again so we could pick up boys of any nationality although at least I knew the capital of Turkey was Ankara -.- you’d have to be severely geographically challenged not to know that. also, THE ORIGIN OF MY NAME IS HEBREW. -_-‘ If I have christian parents, it is ENTIRELY LIKELY that they would give me a hebrew name. and don’t you think if i were to give myself a name that’s easier to pronounce than my chinese name i would give myself a name that was far more pronounceable? And don’t you think it is totally out of character for me to make other people’s lives easier by adopting an english handle that they can pronounce? It would be more me to bring on all the Qs and Zs and Xs and Js and umlauts in chinese and leave them to flounder in their ignorance, one which produced moo goo gai pan and chop suey and general tso chicken.

I think it’s rude for people to assume you named yourself. Because that assumption almost always carries with it a thin veneer of snobbery and patronage. An “Oh yes you came from a third world country that speaks some unpronounceable, irrelevant tongue and hence of course you came up with a name more in line with Western civilization because obviously you wanted to accommodate us or you think our culture damn cool” kind of sentiment. screw you. i don’t go around asking you “so what’s your real name, just between you and me” as if you’re some kind of fraud and i’ll thank you to afford me the same courtesy.



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