This week is otaku week! i haven’t attended any 8am lessons yet and in fact my lessons on wednesday and thursday start at 12pm because combinatorics today was cancelled! which means i can stay up in the wee hours of the morning watching anime (or helping hq set his university challenge questions -.-). i’ve been watching the ouran high school host club on crystal’s recommendation. think gakuen alice is much better (the ouran high school host club has no.. suspense. and is not as funny. and i don’t like pretty boys that much), but it’s addictive enough and quite creative at times too. like when they had their little terrarium holiday with the crocodiles. i hate the episodes with the zuka club (srsly, who cares about a club that performs plays etc. that’s so everyday and lots of people watch anime to escape from the mundaneness of their own lives right?) and my favourite character is mori-senpai. I really hoped he would get together with Haruhi, because well he’s so silent and stoic and strong, somewhat like Haruhi, but perhaps the selling point of this anime is no silly schoolgirl romances. I myself haven’t quite outgrown silly schoolgirl romances.

Someone at BSM is trying to set up a Secret Santa. i’ve always wondered if secret santa’s were set up so someone could confess their love to someone else (i.e. the organizer almost always has a crush on someone and wants an excuse to do nice things for that person or one of the organizer’s best friends is afflicted with the love bug and so the organizer organizes it to provide a window of opportunity for the guy in question to see how wonderful and selfless and cool her best friend is.) the fact that we were told we can tell the organizer who we want to be a secret santa to only reinforces my hypothesis. Well if i signed up I’d want to be a secret santa to jamie, for sure. :D liangze and i are quite in our own little bubble here actually, and are completely (and blissfully) unaware of any romance developing around us. although i guess we would like to see our dear janos hooked up with some mathsy girl here no one seems to be up to par lol.

can’t believe i’m going to italy next week. we haven’t really stopped feasting because i kind of overdrew my forints and so we’re trying to eat it up. I live right next door to several very good money changers and they post the exchange rate outside and update it quite regularly (>4 times a day) so whenever the US to HUF conversion is more than 223 HUF I just draw 100,000 HUF which is about $430. Recently it’s been going off the charts at 233 HUF to 1 USD, so I drew again, and have too much Hungarian currency. Still, it’s quite lucrative I think, since when the rates go down I can always switch it back to US or euro and turn a profit. I love how all the European economies are slumping, and slumping harder than the US economy.

In other news, did you know the spanish have their own version of creme brulee? We’re going to a tapas place today for lunch and when looking up the menu online (to see if I would like anything there) I saw that they had crema catalana. We are going to try Onyx on friday for lunch (it is one of the two michelin starred restaurants here) and i’m very excited!

oh yes, the title. Last week we had a midterm in which I didn’t know how to do some of the questions and so I asked liangze (assuming him to be the norm) if he could do everything and he said that he could. Well I knew he was smart and all but I also kinda assumed everyone in the room was as smart as him, i.e. everyone else could do every single question but me and you have no idea how ego crushing that is. Well we got our results back this week and that stupid fool topped the class, and is completely NOT representative of a normal person taking an exam (i.e. me -_-) and it sucks because the only person I talk to about an exam after we take it is the one person who probably got the highest for it (he’s topped combinatorics and geometry so far) which makes me feel like i must be stupider than average. We’ve been scouting around for bimbotic girls (or boys, mustn’t be sexist) to small talk about exams post facto so i’ll feel better about myself :D



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