Things I love about living here

1. how cheap the kinder bueno is. we bought eight packs of it yesterday, too bad the offer was over. Tesco used to have an offer that was something like 10 for 1000ft, which is $5. right now one pack is 165ft, which is $0.74. I guess it doesn’t beat Poundland’s 3 packs for a quid, which is $1.60.

2. Drinking elderberry lemonade. This country loves lemonade. And it also loves elderberry syrup. Most restaurants have their own blend of home-made lemonade. I buy mine in 1.5l bottles and add elderberry syrup and water to it to balance out the sugar level.

3. How staring out the windows in school you see golden sunlight and shivering leaves. If I look out the window in malott i usually see clods of dirty snow.
4. they have such elegant shoes. well, not so many now as much as when the weather was warmer, then you would see all kinds of stilettos and platforms and sandals and mary janes and sneaker wedges and gosh it was just delightful. now everyone’s just kinda wearing drab black scholls and boots.

5. There is a light switch just above my pillow on my bed that turns the room light off. All beds should have light switches from which you can turn off all the lights in the room like a deluminator. Particularly in cold countries when you’ve found your spot and you’re warm and toasty in your bed and don’t want to leave it just to turn the lights off.
6. it’s really fun acting suspicious and pretending you’ve lost your bus pass to the controller (conductor) who comes around the trams and buses to check that you’ve paid for the ride. they get a burst of adrenaline thinking they can slap a fine on one more person (breaks the monotony of their job) which is quickly deflated when after 5 minutes of rummaging you produce a valid travel ticket.



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