Picking teams

I can’t believe I missed Ashkenazy and the SSO :( Playing Rach 2 :(

I hope my friends in singapore went at least! What a waste not to. -looks pointedly at mingsee-
my next concert here is ma vlast performed by the national philharmonic and i’m really excited about that. we’ve got excellent seats in the stall (with the added expense that comes with them) and i also just found a tram that goes all the way from my house to the concert hall! after attending like a gazillion concerts already -.- still, better late than never.

Finished an awful galois theory exam yesterday, won’t know how awfully it went until next week. oh man i am so not looking forward to that. the class stayed 15 minutes overtime until my geometry prof came in and wanted to start his class, then darling domokos said, okay, i guess you got to hand it in now, there is another class. he didn’t seem at all inclined to stop the exam otherwise, and of course none of us were about to stop working on it until forced to stop.

domokos is my galois prof with the baby face (he’s really adorable). I wonder what the babies of baby-faced adults look like. an extra baby-faced baby?

my favourite part of travelling is the part where liangze and I split postcards. First we count the number of people we want to mail, and then head to a souvenir shop (typically located outside the biggest attraction on the trip) and buy enough postcards to match the number of people we counted. Usually we send a postcard to his parents, mingsee, and chris. And about 5 or 6 other people who change each trip, cycling between his (many many) cousins, Dave (his mentor in ithaca), hq, my mortal from rjc, tiffany (who is working with the peace corp in tanzania), my parents, etc. And then at night in the hotel we choose which postcards we each get to send :) We both have very different ideas of what is beautiful and of course when we were young we were squitchy and easily overlooked (more applicable for him) so never got to pick teams for basketball or anything like that. So postcards are all we’ll ever get to pick, and it’s great fun. Also less demoralizing than picking a line-up for a team, since assigning value to inanimate objects is not likely to send them straight into bouts of low self-esteem.



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