Travel protips

When in Romania, if a bus says it’ll take you to Destination X, it means it will unceremoniously dump you out in an undisclosed location anywhere from 300m to 4km away from Destination X and you are expected to walk the remaining distance yourself.

The first bus that took us to “Turda Salina” dumped us at a park filled with chavs (the kind who rob David Mitchell in Peep Show) about 400m from the salt mine itself so we immediately stowed our camera and tablet in our bag while the chavs yelled undoubtedly rude remarks about how we are chinese and how we are intruders or smth. and the other bus that was supposed to take us to Cheille Turzii (the bus driver confirmed that his bus “went to” Cheille Turzii) took us to Cheia. Out we popped, right next a sign that said “Cheille Turzii, 4km –>”

Well then.

Today I bought a bottle of L’Occitane’s green tea body milk (had to moisturize, my skin was getting too dry and irritated by the hotel’s aircon-slash-heater that was piping out hot air and parching my skin) and found out that L’Occitane products are labelled in braille!

On our way back to Pest, we tried to take the railjet directly to Nyugati pu (that’s where I live) by changing train at Püspökladany. After correctly identifying the stop that is Püspökladany in the dark, we got on a train that said Nyugati palyaudvar <–> Záhony. Only realising once the train moved tt it was in the wrong direction T-T so much for saving time. And when the ticket inspector came up to us on the train and saw our Cluj–>Budapest tickets, he told us (in Hungarian) we were in the wrong direction and that the train was going to Záhony (which borders Ukraine btw) and we asked him when the next train to Budapest was and he said “holnap” and my heart jumped in my mouth. “holnap” means ‘tomorrow’. Then he checked his watch again and said oh, he was wrong, there was one in thirty minutes from the next station and got us to hop off. I’m so glad we weren’t stranded at Kaba for the night. I was already feeling plenty homesick by then and ready to swear off travelling altogether.


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