The Christmas Song

has been running through my head all of today. We’re in Cluj-Napoca now, and Romania sure has a lot of chestnut trees! Not affected by the blight at all. And lots of chestnut roasters along the street. And fallen chestnuts in the leaves on the ground.

Liangze and I walked along the central park here, singing The Christmas Song (he’s much better at it than I, given his bass) and fudging the lyrics we didn’t know. When I first saw Nat King Cole sing it on youtube, I was struck by how much he looks like my father. Does anybody else think so?

Er.. the darkness :P and the eyes. Maybe a skinnier version?

Romanian is a romance language, and not really at all like Hungarian. e.g. ‘Cluj’ in Hungarian would be pronounced ‘cloo-ey’, which is what liangze said to the ticket lady, and she didn’t understand what he was talking about until he said ‘cloo-ey napoca’ and she said “cloodge napoca?” and then we were in business.

the hotel here is spacious (a bit far from the train station but taxis here are cheap anyway) and there’s pretty good internet so i’ve been doing all my photo uploading here. going to turda salina (a salt mine about 15 km south east of cloodge) to look look see see tomorrow.

the internet here makes me feel like torrenting stuff!

here’s a picture in the menu card of the shanghai restaurant we ate at the first night we arrived here. it was not at all chinese but it was pretty good all the same. also we didn’t know we moved into a different timezone on the train ride there and placed an order way after their last order time without realizing it but they were nice enough to feed us still.

i especially like vho shi huani! which i think in china would be quite off-putting if given in response to someone who just said ‘vho aini’ lol.



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