Inedible fish

So much for my time zone difference. I completely missed pre-enrollment for the spring because well, I was having too much fun running around Vienna. Actually it was raining on that day (thank God for the huge umbrella we bought at duane reade when we were stuck in New York in the rain as well last spring or something) and it was a real bitch trying to take photos and walking about the belvedere. On Monday morning we headed to the Haus des Meeres (the aqua terra zoo in Vienna) because I love aquariums. It had pretty much the same thing as everywhere else i’ve seen, except because it was also a terra zoo they had a giant chinese salamander! the only animal i tried to covertly take a flash photo of coz its exhibit was completely in the dark.

giant chinese salamander

here are some descriptions of the animals on this level:

when michelle saw the salamander she immediately exclaimed that “oh! this is what you are talking about! people love to eat this in china! so much so that it is extinct there already.” ohh, chinese.

i just read a website yesterday that explains why there is no chinatown in budapest:

“According to figures from the Immigration and Naturalisation Office, there are 11,000 legal Chinese residents in Hungary at present. But the real figure is estimated at 20,000, even 30,000, most of whom live in Budapest. There is no Chinatown there, however, probably because in the 1990s the Chinese mafia found it more prudent for them to spread out.”

also funny:

“…xenophobic attacks have doubled, chiefly targeting the Chinese. That is particularly true in Budapest, where illicit activities at the Chinese market have brought the community into disrepute. The authorities are exasperated by the goings-on in Kőbánya (a working-class Budapest neighbourhood), where inspectors find irregularities at every Chinese market stall.”

lolol. sometimes i love my race and sometimes i hate it.

anyway, in the spirit of discovery (of aquatic animals), here are two fascinating videos of some unknown pink sponge/sea cucumber type creature and a sea pig:

If I could find an aquarium so extensive tt it featured these two animals I think it would be a very pleasant aquarium indeed. The Vienna one did well in having a garden eel exhibit and of course, the giant salamander and chameleons whose eyes rotated in different directions but it certainly didn’t have these weird and exciting creatures. Think I’d have to go to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.



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