In the morning

it’s really really nice waking up late on cold mornings (abandoning liangze to take notes in my 8am classes) and feasting on my wang wang and tao kae noi. Did you know that tao kae noi means “little boss”? and that towkay in whatever dialect it is (canto) is the same as tao kae in jap? i never bothered to scrutinize the packaging but when i looked at it the other day beside the tao kae noi in english was written 小老板. We brought back a ton of groceries from the chinatown in vienna, i should really get around to finding a chinatown here to get my groceries from.

gonna have to drag my butt to school soon for galois theory sighzers. then again my cleaning lady is in here now and she probably wants me out of her way so she can clean my room. the hungarians usually employ cleaning ladies to clean the house once a week or once a fortnight. my previous cleaning lady used to do my laundry every week, which was nice.

on the night we returned from vienna the train was about 30 minutes late, which made us miss our regular transport back from keleti palyaudvar. one good thing about budapest is its robust transport infrastructure. there was no shortage of night buses and a 24 hour tram to take me home – however when i finally arrived at Blaha Lujza ter to take the number 6 home, there was a car parked on the tram tracks and a BKV staff standing there to address questions about why there was a car on the tram tracks. liangze and i looked blankly around (we can’t really understand any hungarian cheemer than food-related terms and the normal greetings) when this hungarian girl who just talked to the BKV guy walked around us a few times and finally plucked up the courage to say “do you speak english?” and explained to us in perfect english that the number 6 toward moskva ter was not in service that night and that they are operating a shuttle through all the stops of the number 6 to get people home and then she led us to where the shuttle stop was. it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because i can understand how difficult it is to approach strangers, or to even believe that what you have to say will be of use to them. and she had to overcome her own inhibitions (of starting a conversation with strangers) to try to help us, without us approaching her! it would have been so much easier to walk to the shuttle stop by herself and let us figure out our own way back but she didn’t. you appreciate these gestures more when they come from shy people, because it takes a lot more out of them to help you than someone more boisterous.

so anyway that night was the first time i’ve ridden a bus on the tram tracks (when they say a shuttle to replace the tram, they mean a shuttle to replace the tram) and it made for a really nice conclusion to everything.



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