It’s been getting colder and colder and my heater here, unsurprisingly, runs on gas. this means that there is a tiny little flame that is perpetually lit in it, and if i turn a knob, it increases the flow of gas through the flame to start a larger fire. In light of this rather primitive system a carbon monoxide detector (like a smoke detector but for carbon monoxide) has been installed in each of our rooms so we don’t get poisoned if there is incomplete combustion. Currently the heater is making noises rather like a far away storm rumbling nearer. It’s nice curling up in front of it warm and toasty like a fireplace with a hot mug of coffee and a blanket and a book. Unfortunately today that book happens to be my notebook for geometry. (i say it like i have taken oodles of notes for geometry but my notebook for geometry = my notebook for galois theory = my notebook for combinatorics :P i split it into thirds and gave it a content page like in primary school reports) First exam in six months (has it been that long?) tomorrow!

You can see why I’ve suddenly started blogging intensively.



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