All in all

I think our net happiness for the trip was still definitely positive. i have to focus on the good parts, and one of them was that liangze was very happy to be brought to salzburg and to an ice cave for his birthday, so of course i am happy. I wonder when it was that my happiness started depending on/correlating with his.

My bank account also didn’t take too big a hit, because of michelle’s generosity. she sorta took austria as “her territory” and treated us to dinner for liangze’s birthday and also paid for all sorts of things (this really awesome langos at some pasar malam near the hofburg palace. and split our hotel with us even though we didn’t need to pay for an extra bed.) the rationale is that when she visits me in “my territory”, i’ll have to take her around and take her to eat in one of the many awesome restaurants here. vienna wasn’t really her territory though, as aforementioned she hangs out either at the UN or in chinatown. eats at the same restaurants or sometimes just skips meals. or cooks. not sure whether skipping meals or cooking her own meals is better lol. and i’m starting to think that <$500 spent for each little foray into Europe is a reasonable amount. we get to spend four days in a foreign place with beautiful parks and beautiful shops and a comfy non-hostelly hotel, can't ask for much better than that!

I have a newfound love for langos – hungarian hum ji peng. it’s much lighter than hum ji peng and flavoured with garlic and salt instead of well, whatever goodness is in our hum ji peng (five spice salt??) and is awesome. also pasar malam bratwursts, which have little globules of melted cheese (not sure which kind. gouda?) in ‘em. they serve the bratwursts with semmel (rolls) or with rye bread and a smudge of mustard. basically any street food we ate in vienna was awesome. there was this pasar malam (i don’t really know the english translation for this. street fair?) at the hofburg palace because there was a military fair going on. and by military fair i mean exactly what it is in singapore, where some arm of the armed forces parade their equipment and helicopters and tanks in an open area to try to instill fear in our enemies and well, respect in the populace. and members of the public get to climb up ladders and sit in fighter jets in strange delusions of grandeur. i think the stalls were set up to feed all the hungry militia (they certainly eat a lot of bread and meat) and they were always crowded with people in uniform so we assumed the food must be good (or they were just hungry).

one of the pastries we tried today was this hawaiian titled focaccia, with little slices of ham and pineapple on top. and it tasted exactly like the pizza that was sold in the western stall in rosyth! it was just uncanny. someone from rosyth needs to verify this pls.



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