More on Project Gutenberg

1. The kamasutra was the most downloaded book last week -.- and i’m pretty sure it was not because readers all around the world decided to take an interest in ancient sanskrit literature.
2. The 100th most downloaded author is the United States Central Intelligence Agency. I didn’t check out what their publications were, but I thought that was interesting.

We had liangze’s birthday dinner (with yanshuo edition) at an italian restaurant (i finally looked it up! ‘osteria‘ means inn or tavern) near szabadsag ter. we all ordered seafood pastas/risotto and it was really nice.

my scampi-orange risotto

liangze’s spaghetti

my tartufo. could have used higher quality gelato though there was a little vanilla ball inside which was nice.

his pear tart.

going to salzburg tomorrow by train! kind of excited, only we are meeting michelle (a china-chinese girl) there (travelling with her for three whole days) and she is normally too hyper for us. like she’ll want to do everything when we want to just walk along the shops at a leisurely pace, buying little trinkets and eating ice cream. but maybe she’ll make me appreciate liangze’s company more. i wonder if she’ll behave like that chinese woman at the plitvice lakes who kept yelling at her husband in a very deep, excited, and commanding voice: “老公!你看!水里那么多鱼也!那只鱼多么大呢!肯定很好吃!你看到吗?那只那只!水这么蓝也!全部的水草都看得到呢!哇,真的有好多鱼也!” you have to imagine the prc accent yourself. it was hilarious.



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