While looking for a birthday present for someone I discovered that you can buy preserved pig fetuses for $70 online. Good grief. Thankfully i don’t have any friends who are taxidermists.

We went to Velence yesterday to visit an American pastor friend in the country. Velence is the Hungarian word for Venice, and they do have a little town south of Budapest that is called ‘Velence’ after the Italian one, I guess. It’s got a huge 11km long lake (kind of like Cayuga. I sense I am underestimating the length of Cayuga) only with lots of little reed islands littered all across the lake, so to see it in its entirety you’d have to be on top of a mountain (which we were.)

I haven’t experienced american christian hospitality for so long (it is fantastic in Ithaca. you feel really welcome to live in their home as long as you want.) since the hungarians are not particularly warm people (when they first meet you, of course. you have to earn their warmth.) I first met Chris when she invited me over for dinner through Dave, after having discovered that I was living in a motel over christmas in Ithaca back in 2008. She wanted to have some starving college students to feed (I was starving then, even though I was staying opposite Wegmans and stuff; I didn’t know to try Chilli’s or Taco Bell or any of the other nice food there. It was my freshman winter! I was just eating the microwaveable sesame chicken lo mein you can buy from wegmans that is actually really nice and pints of haagen dazs.) I gladly accepted the invitation and when we got to her home in Brooktondale there was so much warmth, and presents, and food, and she was so funny, and we talked for ages and ages. She’s the first friend I’ve had over the age of 60 and everyone knows I love old people. Especially the ones who have a bone to pick with something, and who will ramble on and on about the things they are disgruntled about – those are the funniest and the most endearing.

(Aside: How tedious. Anyone who’s worth anything would like the Beatles, and Clapton, and S&G, and Dylan, and Pink Floyd. There’s hardly a need to label that as “same taste” -_- You might sooner have called such a kindred spirit a ‘human’.) My bone to pick is with stupid people who get excited over stupid things. I guess I’m not so much bothered by the stupidity of the things concerned, but with the way they hype it up i.e. the stupidity of the people themselves.

Have a lot of emails to reply but sit tight! Have church and piano lesson today and then gotta ponder my Conjecture & Proof hw and then there’s a concert at night (Zenekep) which literally translates into ‘music-picture’, or i guess film music. The Budafok orchestra will be playing various classical pieces (mostly Wagner, Sibelius, Vangelis?!) in sync with scenes from various movies :) Absolutely no time at all! I should have been practicing piano while I was writing this ><



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