Hohoho my spring preenrollment time is 7:00am EST on 24th October. that’s like 1pm here! For the first time I’m going to be awake during pre-enrollment. Not that it matters since nobody wants to take the courses I’m doing anyway -.-

Today I saw a short stubby man walking a dog the size of a small horse. It was huge! There are many different breeds of dogs here, all rather large but quite well-behaved. Budapest, being a city, doesn’t have that many trees for them to pee at so they tend to pee at walls instead. In fact, there are many people (males) here who have taken to peeing at walls too. ick.

Joyce Yang was wonderful! She was very confident and had such a nice light touch. No idea how the Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra managed to wrangle a contract with her. Her Liszt sits much better with me than that performed by certain other Hungarians.. very beautiful playing. She made it look so easy, too. Her staccatos were beautiful, in fact all her articulations were very varied and distinct, much unlike mine.
The Orchestra on the other hand, had some off notes. From the chairs, no less. pah. They look like they’ve been playing for years (the orchestra is 50 years old), can’t they produce some accurate high/low notes? I really liked the flautist and the bassoonist. Didn’t notice the poor horns until the last 5 minutes. They must have been bored! They were pretty musical but a bit technically lacking.

homework update: Finished Combinatorics and Geometry, Galois Theory left! ugh.



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