Point form #9

1. My mum sent me a package of cough drops of the strepsils and nin jiom variety which makes me regret saying mean things about her a month ago.

2. I really have to stop reading Harry Potter. It’s just very bad discipline. also Hermione’s homework planners in The Order of the Phoenix keep muttering all sorts of advice to Harry and Ron to GET STARTED on their homework. Like “Don’t leave it to later, you big second rater!” or “If you have dotted your ‘i’s and crossed your ‘t’s then you may do whatever you please” I have Geometry due on wednesday, Galois Theory and Combinatorics due on Thursday. C&P was due today. I stayed up some amount last night to ponder over the questions but only managed to do about 3-4 of the 5. Sposed to be on Geometry now >< and my silly house elf is fast asleep. What, is the homework supposed to do itself??

3. Momotaro Ramen is closed on monday. we found out the hard way once (headed there for dinner after dropping gareth off at the opera house and it was closed) and i promptly forgot it was a monday then. almost took the train there today and we were on the platform waiting for the metro to kobanyi kispest before I remembered the hurtling disappointment of no lamian on mondays. Weather here's been getting blustery and chilly and my housemate had cooked congee or something that smelt like it before that which gave us cravings for chinese. wound up in okay italia in the end and got free prosecco from the restaurant cause they moved us to a different table after we'd been seated. too bad i'm not fond of wine in any form.

4. after a month we have discovered that the 'afonyas pite' on mcdonald's menu means blueberry pie, and it is actually Very good. It's the same as Mcdonald's apple pie in singapore (not in the states) but with a vanilla custard and blueberry jam filling. You can get it with two squirts of soft ice cream with chocolate sauce but in the current weather we've taken to eating it by itself. Keeps your fingers warm if you don't have gloves.

5. The New York Times Friday crossword in memory of Steve Jobs was far too easy considering they were trying to commemorate such an intelligent man.

6. Is it just me or is Hanchen incredibly cute now? O man it feels incestuous just saying that. It’s scary when your primary school friends who stole your homework to copy and then hit you over your head with your own multipurpose file grow up and become actually suave. thank goodness i don’t have to worry about that ever happening with hq :}

7. if you haven't noticed point form posts are merely an excuse to write huge disjoint chunks of text because i can't cobble together the time or the botheration to be coherent in the wee hours of the morning..



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