Yesterday we found an english bookstore near my place. It also carries books in french and german, but of course the english interested me most. oh my finances. i got Wilde’s De Profundis (aka new ways to scold liangze when he neglects me) and also another David Lodge (Deaf Penalty). I’ve only read one of Lodge’s books i picked out in BooksActually when I went to collect my free copy of Ceriph so I wouldn’t look like such a cheapskate and I really liked it. His books are cheaper here, unsurprisingly. 2200 Ft for that book, which is about $10. I am worried about carting all those books home. Already I took the two GTMs from Erika’s house since Maki said they were mine for the taking and I don’t really want the collection to grow. I suppose I should buy some electronic books off the internet since I have an Edroid Reader that turns my tablet into a kindle.

What I really want is Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw. Anybody wants to buy it for me as an extra early christmas present? Anybody? Say, people who haven’t sent me any mail and want to atone for it? *cough*Mingsee*cough*. Or maybe I’ll get it for liangze’s birthday hohoho.

Today we attended a design festival at Millenaris Park (Budapest’s equivalent of Singapore Expo) where all the shops I like congregated together to take my money. I bought some artwork of a really good Hungarian artist and these fabric covered button rings – it comes with a plain ring with one half of a metal button (the kind of metal buttons you press together until it clicks?) soldered on and then you can choose myriad ‘heads’ for the ring with the other half so you can change what kind of ring it is just by changing the gem on top! Very ingenious and very cute. I bought like 7 heads so if I lose the base ring i’m screwed. We’ve been visiting several design shops over the past few days looking for certain items we lost in Slovakia (left them on the train, even though I mock all my idiots of friends who leave their passports and tickets on trains while travelling- to be fair it wasn’t I who left it on the train, but he feels bad enough as it is.) that we bought from a design shop in Bratislava.

What do I mean by design shop? Well it’s kind of like the Good Design Store that used to exist in City Link mall. Sells lots of Mr. P paraphernalia, everyday objects like tape dispensers and letter openers designed in a totally creative way to add some whimsy to life. We found a metal web with four magnetic spiders – one pins notes and photos onto the web with the spiders. And also a rather cheap dichotomous mobile for clipping postcards and photos to (liangze has his own homemade mobile at home with all my postcards but this one looked sleeker). Both were left on the train and so we were looking all around Budapest for the same items. These objects are typically designed by somebody hiding somewhere in Europe who exports it all over the continent to design stores – we’ve seen several in Sweden and Norway and Copenhagen so we hoped to find a distributor in Budapest to no avail. But it’s fun, sorta like a quest. If only all four homework sets weren’t due this week.



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