that’s the only word that can describe the past few days. nothing to do with being in a foreign place. everything to do with people.
Some I couldn’t escape from, others I -could- escape from but for some reason didn’t :(

Some things I don’t understand
1. Why people take things so seriously. Instead of seeing the big picture, which is good, they choose to focus on the most trivial details which make them unhappy.
2. Why fully grown adults angst on facebook by posting lots and lots of self-righteous statuses about how other people should behave. Beyond a certain age (say 50) shouldn’t one cast a lazy eye on all conflicts and view them as passé and not worth their time?
3. Why people do not reflect on their own shortcomings but choose to spend an inordinate amount of time myopically pointing out other people’s flaws. Even if they choose not to do the former they should at the very least refrain from the latter lest the world explode from the irony.
4. Why people who are granted a favour return it with completely ungrateful nitpicking.
5. Why people like to stinge when on holiday – what are they saving up the money for? They’ve already spent money to travel to a different place.
6. Why apple users are so irritating and think their products are superior to everyone’s when they obviously break down sometimes. I don’t go around evangelising about how my android is superior to the mac os. So what if Apple is worth more than Google? It’s not like the $153bn is yours personally. And oh yeah, more people get ipads than androids. Because what the masses do must be the smartest choice! Herd mentality obviously outsmarts individual opinion, more brains and all that. That’s why the sun revolves around the earth and then we had to kill all the Jews! Get a life please.
7. Why some people automatically assume that other people are unskilled. In the same day, the same person didn’t believe me when I did a simple arithmetic calculation for him and also didn’t believe that I can cook. If you are at all acquainted with me and if I told you I could do a certain thing wouldn’t you err on the side of caution and immediately assume that I am fantastic at it? It doesn’t take a retard to figure out that self-deprecation is funny but others-deprecation is just insulting.
8. Why certain “christians” only post bible verses (they barely understand) that challenge others to behave christianly toward them, but do not post bible verses that challenge themselves to behave christianly toward others. Why they tell other people to express love to them but do not themselves express love to others, why they tell others to cloak themselves with humility when they are not themselves humble, why they post the “children, honor your parents” clause and oh so conveniently omit the “fathers, do not exasperate your children” half of the 对联; if you want to correct somebody in love at the very least you should be proficient in the christian virtue you are trying to advocate right? That’s why I don’t go around correcting anyone.

I usually don’t post such angsty things because I really don’t care about how a lot of people behave (they can do as they please, just don’t bother me. i’ll observe them interestedly but i won’t actually go up to them and tell them they’re being little shits) but now I can’t actually extricate myself from the situation and it makes me irritated that I have to deal with all of this and nobody else but liangze can sympathise.

i just want to do my math. i never disturb you why you disturb me? leave me alone. rawr.



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