When I woke up today I found a little piece of chocolate on my bed and I ate it. :D

Finally doing the LATimes xword after a long hiatus. Oh wow I didn’t know Aslan was voiced by Liam Neeson.

In other news, I don’t know why people talk to me on fb without replying after i respond. Like what’s the point of talking to me in the first place?? I think a lot of my friends are just very inept at keeping up a correspondence. It’s not rocket science. People just don’t seem to do it nowadays.

Also, i haven’t gotten any mail in a fortnight :( I hope people are not just sending stuff to Erika’s house now. And I don’t know how to check my mail at College International, like I feel like Mariann is supposed to give it out, but it’s such an inefficient system probably my mail will only get to me one month after they receive it or something.



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