Just got back from the Belga Söröző near Bathyany ter after a night of cracking open little mussels soaking in a garlic broth. yum yum.

liangze got a bottle of chocolate beer and yanshuo got banana beer. This pub had 120 different varieties of beer.

i tamely erred on the side of the mango flavoured limonade. most cafes and cukrászdas here make their own special blend of lemonade from lemons, limes, oranges, sodawater, and sugar which make a nice tart accompaniment to the meals they serve.

we ordered a perfect amount for dinner, then overdid it with the dessert >.>
two ‘mains’ and two appetizers to share:

green pea soup with smoked trout. this was a good pairing. the smoked trout was really... smoky. You can see why i am not a food critic.
Fried calamari with cocktail sauce
Mussels with stewed vegetables, garlic, honey, and white wine in what is apparently the Brussels style. These were perfect!
And the $10 cheese fondue. This was only -okay-. it didn't have much flavour and really needed some white wine.

it was a good serving for three people. they served it with toasted bread, which went better with the cheese fondue than the raw vegetables they served (fresh on the menu = raw). somehow i prefer dipping croutons and mushrooms into cheese fondue than carrots and cucumbers etc.

For dessert we had a chocolate mousse with sea salt and toasted milk loaf (looked a lot like croutons) and a chocolate souffle (which was not in fact a chocolate souffle but a lava cake). It was nice but I really wanted a chocolate souffle. haha.

Three scoops of chocolate mousse with whipped cream, sliced pears, sea salt, croutons, and chocolate sauce
Chocolate lava cake masquerading as chocolate souffle. This came with a really dense vanilla ice cream that would be perfect for affogato.

the whole thing only came up to 10840 HUF which is $50! Ridiculous. Split three ways it’s so much more affordable than food in the US.

And then liangze and I walked home from the sorozo in a bid to digest all the sinfulness we ingested at the pub. Apart from the food, I would visit the place again for it’s very nice pubby, undergroundy atmosphere, with stone arch kitchens, dim yellow lights, wooden furniture, and white flowers. Also the waiters are a big draw. They have this jolly, slightly chubby waiter who looks like the head honcho and who is an expert mime. He speaks hungarian mainly and so I spent a lot of time trying to signal at him to bring my tardy soup and for dessert and for the bill. The waiters here don’t bother you at all unless you do some complicated sign language to tell them that you need them or you’ll die of starvation. it’s nice, but it also wastes time because they don’t check on you to see if everything is okay, check on you if you’re done, etc. it was impossible to get exasperated with this guy though. He was just so jolly and had such an adorably thick Hungarian accent.

Some conclusions we drew over the dinner discussion:
1. People who wear eyeliner are either bimbos or prostitutes.
2. If you sniff smelling salts when you are unconscious you will be revived. If you sniff smelling salts while you are conscious you will be knocked out.
3. The fastest way to bring a waiter to your table is to start eating outside food.
4. Small mussels are better than big mussels
5. If you type “tell me a math joke” in wolfram alpha it will tell you a math joke.
And countless others that I don’t remember.

Tomorrow we will try Momotaro Ramen. It has 生煎包 and 小笼包 on the menu, which i can’t wait to try. Despite it’s name, it is really a chinese restaurant and this girl from class recommended it to us today, raving about the handmade 汤圆 and the 生煎包.



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