Geometry exercise 1

I was pondering what kind of pictures are truly difficult to draw in geometry today and arrived at these. without the labels you probably wouldn’t be able to tell what most of these are. unsurprisingly a lot of these are food pictures. when i get hungry in class i usually doodle what i would like to eat most and i quickly realised i couldn’t draw any singaporean food. burgers and lollipops and cotton candy are all very well, but how does one draw a plate of sambal stingray?

some of these are semi recognizable because well, i am an accomplished doodler but try asking someone with zero artistic talent to draw a sushi. or a slab of tofu. liangze says to make a tofu look like a tofu all you need is to add a cute face, like

as it is the tofu i drew would only be recognizable to asians who buy silken tofu :P



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