Why do people dress up when they go to the airport?

I can understand if you are meeting your spouse for the first time in a year or something, but other than that who else is there to impress? all the other important business-y people coming off the planes?

i always wear whatever i like to the airport. the last time around it was shorts and a shirt. there were some people clustered around me liangze and one isolate clustered around me and nobody could tell who was being sent off lol. and everyone commented on it. “wa, you’re dressed very comfortably ah?” as a euphemism for “what are you thinking??” if you were taking a flight (a long haul one at that), wouldn’t you want to be your most comfortable on it? screw what everyone else thinks (as is a major component of my life philosophy), i’m taking my flip flops and my home clothes.

this worries my mum greatly. she thinks i’m throwing her face everywhere (to borrow a chinese expression) because i like wearing my home clothes so much. i wear it to school and can safely say i am the worst dressed person on most trains here :P. it’s one thing wearing your home clothes or PJs to cornell where most of the population consists of students as laissez faire as you, and quite another wearing it to school in the city where everyone is in heels and pant or dresses and mascara you couldn’t chisel off.

I do intend to do some clothes shopping soon, but am worried about lugging all my shoes and clothes around when i’m travelling back to the states, especially since we’re considering a multi-leg train trip working our way west through europe before flying back to new york :/



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