Piano lessons II

I am slowly recalling and posting the updates from the past few days.

So I met Zoli (short for Zoltan, which is also liangze’s street name) the piano guy on Wednesday at Deak Ferenc Ter. He seems to have some tough training session for me to polish up my technique. Starting with Czerny. When I first heard I was horrified. Czerny! he belongs to the elementary stuff of Hanon! Anyway while looking up Czerny scores in quiet deference to my teacher, it appears that Czerny was Liszt’s only teacher and Czerny allowed him, in the beginning, to only play the technical exercises he wrote. I don’t know if it’s out of arrogance or out of superior knowledge of what’s best for Liszt. (whichever the case, it certainly worked!)

I don’t intend to be a concert pianist (too lazy for this) and while I’d like to polish up my technique I wasn’t really signing up for anything this hardcore. But now I am in too deep and the lessons are horrifically affordable (if I didn’t have lessons I’d be cheating myself). Now of course there is the tiny little detail of having no piano to practice on… The upright in College International (where the BSM courses are held) really sucks, and I obviously can’t sign up for a space in the Music academy, what with all the students there giving lessons to noobs like me and practicing for competitions…

I haven’t touched the piano in about a month (since I left and wasn’t allowed to tinker on Erika’s) and well even if I did touch it I don’t think it would have made an ounce of difference. I am actually a really terrible pianist. I don’t think about the music, I don’t think about the voices, I just play, like Richard Clayderman ‘plays’, I suppose. Full of blown up and unnecessary emotion that does not correctly articulate the voices in the composer’s head. Zoli told me to sing each SATB line while playing the rest, and crossing hands to play the melody in a lower register and accompaniment in a higher register, to become more aware of voicing in general. And we are going to do Bach’s sinfonias, which will be refreshing, considering I haven’t played Bach in a while.

It was a nice being in the music academy and being surrounded by so many geniuses. Zoli is often busy, gives concerts locally and elsewhere and is taking part in one piano competition in Bratislava so is to date the best piano instructor I’ve ever had. An unfortunate side effect is that he does not really stand for my random tinkering on the piano and my penchant for playing cliched music. I really should have learnt La Campanella before coming instead of wasting away my holidays ><

check out this zongora made of marzipan in Szentendre's Marzipan museum!


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