Hupikék törpikék

Have been without internet for the past few days. liangze’s laptop was not working (still) and my new apartment didn’t have internet until my landlord bought me a dongle today. It sounds sketchy but it’s just a plug in USB that i also bought in the UK under T mobile. The download limit is ridiculous, I get 2 gigs a month! How to watch Big Bang Theory liddat?

I also bought some home furnishings today. A rattan basket to keep all my paper clips, folded plastic bags, rubber bands, and the like. And a little checkered purple box for toiletries, moisturizers, jewellery, combs, sunblock etc. Two pillows, one green punched pillow for sitting on and a purple creased satin pillow for hugging. the new place is very minimalist, hardly has anything. Mainly because my room is not really intended to be inhabited. It’s the smallest room, sort of like the maid’s quarters (but not -that- small compared to the London flats), has no desk lamp (maid’s don’t need to do math homework deep into the night?), no shelves (maids don’t read), it’s next to the kitchen etc. Hence the shopping. seems like a bit of a waste to buy stuff for just a semester, so I took care to buy only the cheapest.

In light of that, we managed to find a one euro store today. minden 290 Ft, it says in the glass windows, which translates to everything for 290 forints. sells lots of useful craftsy things, boxes, storage containers, tools, butterfly nets, multi head screw drivers, and more. your regular hodge podge store. it was in Polus Center, which we hiked to to buy our Asus tablet, which is (stupidly) named the eeepad. it is retarded because if you tell anyone you were checking your mail on your eeepad they’ll just think you’re mispronouncing ‘ipad’. liangze says it’s got more functionality than the ipad although i don’t know enough about tablet PCs to verify this. I just wanted something lightweight with long battery life so I could tex my notes on my 6 hr school days.

I got a stuffed hupikék törpikék in my happy meal today. Hupikék törpikék is the name of the new smurf movie (which I think is also out in singapore considering all the fb photos of people wearing beanies going to the movies -.-) Unsurprisingly, ‘kék’ is hungarian for ‘blue’. i myself managed to finish postprocessing the majority of my plitvicka photos and am ready for another trip, especially now that we have the tablet!



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