Heaven on Earth

Hiatus from a crazy weekend at Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes. No internet access, jewel toned waters, hiking every day up and down hills and cliffs and taking daredevil photographs which I haven’t had the energy to plow through.

Classes started today and I crashed Conjecture and Proof. The Hungarian accent is difficult to understand but not totally incomprehensible. Have three classes back to back tomorrow, and three weekdays that start at 8am. Mondays and Fridays are optional, only when I want my brain teased.

Moving out of my homestay on wednesday into an apartment on the Pest side of the city, 7 metro stops away from Liangze and about an hour of sleep saved every day.

Meeting a potential piano teacher tomorrow at Dea’k square to discuss rates, meeting times, etc. I like how he emails like me. Always an exclamation mark after the greeting, i.e., “Hello Ivana!” with great enthusiasm and comfortableness. In general Hungarians aren’t the sort to make you feel comfortable, especially not if you do something they don’t like. Today I gave my seat to an old man on the metro and he and his wife just stared at me in puzzlement and distaste.

I kind of miss America. Everybody there goes out of their way to make you feel welcome, and to make you comfortable. I’d much rather live with Chris than with all the Hungarians in the world.

Liangze and I are looking into buying a tablet sort of gizmo for our travelling. Especially after his laptop ‘broke down’ before this trip (hence the no internet access). An ipad sort of gadget, hopefully with more functionality. It would only cost half as much since we’d split the cost and it’d be much more convenient to bring than a laptop. It doesn’t need to be really fast, we’re not about to code on it. Just to look up maps, check emails, and load the odd movie or two before a trip. And we’d get joint custody of it if we split :P he doesn’t like it when I get all practical and ask “so who gets it if we break up?” well one doesn’t want to get too arrogant and assume one’s relationship is going to last forever.



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