Piano lessons

So apparently one piano lesson here costs about 2500 HUF. That’s right. That’s like $12. AN HOUR.

I’m not kidding! From Hungarian piano teachers!

Erika says it’s because long ago (but still within her lifetime) kids had piano education free from age 6, teaching them solfage and all sorts of other wonderful cultural things in hungary’s musical heritage. Until the government had to cut its budget. And suddenly all these piano teachers became jobless. Because of the excess supply of piano teachers, piano lessons are now incredibly affordable. Yay for me. They should really think about migrating to Singapore and selling off their exotic Hungarian charm and cultural ties to Liszt and Bartok.

Some gobbets from language class:
‘liszt’ actually means ‘flour’.
‘béla’ is a name that has become synonymous with ‘dumb’ because a lot of notoriously stupid people are called ‘béla’, somewhat like these english names. poor bartók, and even worse, poor bollobás!

also, i installed the hungarian keyboard so i can googletranslate my textbook more easily. like the italian keyboard, most of the punctuation on the right becomes accented vowels (hungarians have 14 vowels, or, like my teacher says, 14 wowels) and the z and y changes places.



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