Budapest diaries nyolc

Anyone who knows me well will know what a soft spot I have for profiteroles. What’s not to love, small little balls of choux pastry bursting with custard and soaking in a liquory chocolate ganache. three in a cup. a perfect serving. I’ve finished two cups already. There are seven hits on my blog when you search ‘profiterole’. And Gareth used to tease me about counting my money in profiteroles. he’d say “Just imagine! If you didn’t buy that book you’d be able to buy 120 profiteroles in M&S!” back when I was doing some crazy book shopping in new york.

speaking of which. the long train rides here are very conducive for book reading. i’ve finished the nanny diaries and have started on Changing Places by David Lodge which I bought at Books Actually so I wouldn’t look like some totally stingy person who just went there to collect her free book. It is great reading though. About two professors who did an exchange program, much in the vein of Roald Dahl’s Great Switcheroo. And there is no shortage of books in this house, so I don’t have to pace myself. I was thinking what with the math homework I’d never be able to finish a book here. (Also given how little I read in singapore over the summer. Time on the MRT was short, and cramped, and usually spent listening to my ipod and musing about what strange creatures my friends were/are and what my next meal was going to be).

The public transport system here is lovely. It’s old, and hot (the second oldest metro in Europe, I hear) but it is not crowded. You can always find a seat. Also, liangze and I are at the last stop of our respective train/tram lines so we always get first dibs :) there are no weird “reserved seat” signs to guilt trip/force us into giving up our seat to old people, and the few young people who try their hand at charity are often told to sit back down by the “old” people in question. also, there are buses connecting us to vienna, venice, zagreb, bratislava… now, to quote a certain headmaster in a certain play, “even the most tragic turns of events generally resolve themselves into questions about the timetable…”

in other news, we made bak kut teh today. it was more successful than the one i made in singapore (when I forgot to blanch the pork ribs and i also salted them to get rid of whatever game-y taste they might have. i am a very well-meaning cook). i don’t really like pork though. especially when the meat doesn’t fall off the bone. probably won’t make it again anytime soon until I can boil the pork all day! also it’s just not the same without dark soy sauce and you tiao. i wish i could do some real cooking here! will need to find a place with a state of the art kitchen in ithaca for the spring.



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